Raspberry Pi

Whats best: Raspberry Pi or Arduino?

Because the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino are of a similar form factor and price, some people have asked which is better for building into your projects – the Pi or te ‘duino??

The simple answer is “it depends”. Its a bit like asking whats better, a Van or a car? If yu want to shift furniture then it would be the van, if you wantto convey your Grandma in comfort then it would be the car, It depends – on the application you have in mind.

The Raspberry Pi’s Strengths over Arduino are:

The Arduino’s strengths are:

So, if your building a multimedia application with only a little or no hardware i/o then the Pi is the best option. If you just don’t need to pay for all those MIPS and want to get closer to the hardware, I’d recommend Arduino.

Version 1 published Jan. 21, 2013, 9:52 a.m.